Day of Digital Speaker - Karen Leonard

Karen Leonard

Chief Marketing Strategist
Innovative Global Vision Inc.


Karen Leonard is a professional speaker, social media and email marketing trainer, and workshop facilitator specializing in marketing and website topics. Karen is the co-founder and chief marketing strategist of Innovative Global Vision, Inc. (IGV), website design, and digital marketing agency. She has worked with numerous brand ranging from startups to fortune 500 organizations, including NFL teams such as the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, and Arizona Cardinals.

With over 18 years’ of experience in the marketing and IT field; she has a passion for helping small businesses grow. She works closely with business owners and marketing professionals to increase visibility and profits through their website and build more profound and profitable relationships using social media, email marketing, video, SEO, and reputation management. Karen earned an associate degree in computer programming from Sheridan College.

Day of Digital Speaker - Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball

Creative Director


Entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and host of More than a Few Words, Lorraine brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every conversation.

Leaning on her experience as a business owner and former corporate executive, she delivers solid, usable content in a style that motivates every audience to action.

Link to More than a Few Words, not Roundpeg.

Day of Digital Speaker - Jamine Jenkins

Jasmine Jenkins

Digital Marketing


Jasmine Jenkins is a web developer and digital marketer. She is a recent graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Computer Technology and Application Development. Jasmine is the Marketing Coordinator of Innovative Global Vision, Inc. (IGV), a website design and digital marketing agency.

Jasmine works with small business owners and her team members to increase leads and website conversion by using the latest marketing tactics and knowledge of website development.

She implements web development through a marketer’s eye. Jasmine has a passion for generating results and takes pleasure in seeing businesses prosper as a result of her efforts.


Nancy Burgess is the owner of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc., a full-service marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). Before running her own company, Nancy honed her SEO skills in content development, marketing agencies, and a multi-billion-dollar corporation. In addition to helping clients get found on Google, Nancy likes to hike and oil paint.

Day of Digital Speaker - Erin Bemis

Erin Bemis, IOM



Erin is a national speaker, trainer and consultant. Focused on communications, digital marketing and operational success, the clients of Bemis Consulting are primarily Associations, Chambers of Commerce and large corporations. Here’s a little bit about her journey to today:

Her passion for small business stems from being raised surrounded by entrepreneurs. Post college, she entered the nonprofit sector, eventually becoming CEO of a successful Chamber of Commerce and earning consecutive titles of Michigan Chamber of Commerce of the Year. Next, she became top of the team as a Regional Development Director for Constant Contact, an email marketing company, and is currently a National Speaker for Google’s Grow with Google team.

Having educated tens of thousands of attendees, combined with over 20 years’ experience working for and with small businesses, nonprofits and associations, she has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the unmentionables too. She holds degrees in Marketing and Business Administration, along with a minor in French that she has never used.

What you really want to know about Erin is that she is a Northern Michigan native, is one of 13 children, has three sons, a husband and a mortgage. Her four main addictions in life are travelling, music, boating and bubbles.

Day of Digital Speaker - Diane Helbig

Diane Helbig

Growth Accelerator & Change Agent


Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, award-winning speaker, and podcast host. As president of Seize This Day, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. Diane is passionate about guiding business professionals through the challenges of planning and growing a business.

From strategic planning to sales training to communication, Diane provides expertise based on over 20 years of business leadership and sales experience. Diane’s no nonsense, straightforward approach cuts through the noise and allows clients and training participants opportunities to realistically and enthusiastically implement the plans they devise.

Diane is the author of Lemonade Stand Selling and Expert Insights, and the upcoming book Succeed Without ‘Selling’. She is the host of the Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast. Diane is the founder of the Business Opportunity Network, a business development program where business therapy meets growth.

Diane has been presenting and teaching for over 10 years. She is considered an expert on the subjects of sales, leadership, social media, customer service, and is often contacted to provide her expertise.

Day of Digital Speaker - Fiyin Obayan

Fiyin Obayan

CEO & Founder


Fiyin Obayan is the CEO & Founder of Okiki Consulting, and she empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to tell their personal brand stories and company brand stories through video content.

She is a content creator and social media consultant who’d love to provide your audience with “How to Dominate LinkedIn with Your Personal Brand”.

The reason she became passionate about this topic because as of September 2019, she started taking on the LinkedIn Platform as more than just a networking site, but an also opportunity to promote your personal brand and become a thought leader in your industry, it has helped her and she believes it can help others as well.

  • She has grown in 7600 connections, since September 2019
  • She has been able to connect with major guests for my podcast such as:
  • Genecia Alluora: CEO & Founder of the Largest Female Online Community in South Asia (Soul Rich Woman)
  • Santia Deck, The Highest-Paid Female Football Player of All Time
  • Jayde Vincent, Tik Tok Influencer with 1 Million Followers
  • She has also has gotten clients through video content and got to coordinate an event that was in partnership with IBM.

She wants you to know some of the opportunities available to them on the platform:

  • 44% of LinkedIn Users have salaries of over $75,000
  • 50% of B2B decisions are made through this platform
  • Only 1% of LinkedIn users actively create content


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